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Not Sh*t Sherlock

He’s alive! Not that we really thought he was dead but still, hoorah.

I was most excited abut the return of Sherlock. It’s been two whole years. John Watson has a moustache to prove it. In his first scene back Sherlock is Jesus getting battered about and is then saved by his brother so he can return to Baker Street. He freaks out John (who is about to propose) in a posh restaurant with a drawn on Hitler moustache and a French accent. Martin Freeman is great, I still think of Tim and Dawn in The Office and well up. Aunt Sally was pleased Sherlock was back and eventually  John came round in the end to make friends make friends never never break friends but not until he’d been nearly roasted on a bonfire and blown up under the Houses of Parliament.

Excellent stuff.

See? My deep observations and analysis confirm why I should blog more in 2014. I’m a genius. Just like Sherlock. Only not at all.


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30 Day TV Challenge – Day Nine

Day 9 – TV Show With Your Favourite Actress 

Miranda Hart! I love her. I gallop like she does. Silly humour and it amuses me muchly.

30 Day TV Challenge – Day Five

Day 5 – Favourite TV Character

Gwen Cooper – Torchwood

She’s ace. She has a gap in her teeth which all the best people have .  She kicks ass and I like the Welsh accent. When I grow up I’m going to be like her and work for Torchwood. Only not Welsh.

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