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Stace’s TV Review of the week 5th-11th January

5th-11th January 2014


The second of this second series didn’t disappoint me although it divided Twitter. John got married to lovely Mary. Sherlock did a long long speech and solved a murder and an attempted murder at the same time. The series’ are too short though! The next one is the third and final of series 3. It needs to be every week. Great for comfy Sunday viewing.

Criminal Minds

Whilst avoiding watching the divisive propaganda Benefits Street on Channel 4 we watched the first in a new series of Criminal Minds. ‘Twas a grim one.  A man killing women and then eating them, put me right of my dinner. Amusingly (even though I didn’t watch it) I somehow managed to get 18 retweets on Twitter and 37 Facebook Likes on this status I put up about Benefits Street and ended up with a mass debate going on long after I had gone to slumber. Brilliant.


Last year Eastenders just irritated me. Now we have Danny Dyer. If only they’d kill off bloody Ronnie all would be well. I’m enjoying Kellie Bright in it too. She’s a lot like Angie but to me she’ll always be Sally in T-Bag *shows my age*.

I’m waiting for the return of Sonia ready for Carol’s jolly cancer storyline and Stacey’s coming back too with the bloke from Busted.

The Voice

Kylie! Image via Digital Spy.

I wasn’t going to watch it! Honestly. Then I flicked over and saw Kylie and well, it’s Kylie! There were too many sob stories that weren’t actually very good sob stories but I think I can tolerate it more than the X Factor. Man can also tolerate it because, well, it’s Kylie!

I would also review The Magaluf Weekender and Sunny Beach but that would mean admitting we watched them and of course, we didn’t.


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30 Day TV Challenge – Day Six

 Day 6 – Least Favourite TV Character

Ronnie Mitchell – Eastenders

I loved Samantha Janus in Game On but Ronnie Mitchell has always been a naus. Even when she’s in a good mood she bores me to death. OK so she’s had a few things to be miserable about but bloody hell, has she ever smiled?

The baby swap thing was a good storyline but dragged on a bit too much. Last night she gave the baby back and I felt a little sorry for her. Then I remembered it’ s not real and got a life : )

I found this fan video. I think the fact that the backing track is Leona Lewis is apt. Equally as bland and boring as Ronnie.

Seven observations about my day today 1st April 2010

Happy 1st April!

I’ve had a mad day. A rollercoaster of emotions mainly work related! Here are seven observations about my day today.

1) Although I love having my own business to work on now as well, I love my work colleagues where I train too. There’s been a lot of crap going on lately but everyone is great in their own way and I hope they can keep their chins up.

2) When the sh*t hits the fan be loyal and true. Wise up to who the snakes may be and put up your protection. I’ve no time for snakes.  This is vague but relates to something that happened at work.

3) I quite like interviewing but it is hard because I’m too soft and want to say yes to everyone. Saying that, it was nice to tell the lucky ones the good news and I am looking forward to two new volunteers to play with. My existing one who is brave enough to share her story time and time again with the groups we train is a superstar.

4) JB is a star when he has time to be. He got back early today so after my crazy day he stepped up to do all the things that I am usually back early enough to do like cook a yummy dinner. Thai Red Curry. Yum.

4) My Dad needs to get a laptop so he can play on Facebook and YouTube. He would be in his element writing people random messages and looking up Rory Gallagher vids on YouTube!

5) Eastenders is such a load of sh*t!!

6) I need more time. Not in the day, maybe an extra day a week so I can see the friends & family that I love but don’t get time to see enough.

7) I will marry Noel Fielding. (He’s on Alan Carr in a bit)

Happy Easter everyone.

I hope your Good Friday tomorrow is indeed Good with a capital ‘G’.

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x

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