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Resurrecting my blog

It’s 2014! Happy new year and all that jazz. I used to like blogging. I forgot this in 2013.

One of my goals for this year is to blog more both on this, my revamped not so personal blog and my Inspire Health and Mind blog too.

Please hold me to this. This is post number one.


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Christmas 2011 and New Year

A round up of Christmas and New Year, mainly just to get me back in the blogging zone….

Christmas Food

I made cupcakes, peppermint creams and ginger biscuits. This year it was my family’s turn to have us but we cooked Christmas din dins this year to give my Mom and Stepdad a break. It was great. I prepared a lot of the veg the day before. We made turkey with lemon and sage butter with streaky bacon and Topside of Beef. I made Delia Smith’s bread sauce which turned out well. For pud we bought a Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Christmas pud and Ban made a chocolate and raspberry ganache tart inspired by the one Michel Roux Jr did on Masterchef.


We had some very helpful monetary donations from various family members which we have put towards a new fridge freezer and wallpaper for our living room. Not usually one for branded products I seem to have developed a longing for all things Joseph Joseph. We now have the indexed chopping boards , Preparation  bowls set and Fold flat grater. I love the bright colours.

My River Cottage Everyday cookbook will keep us in new recipes for a while and there’s enough Thornton’s Continental left in the house to delay Slimming World for another week. Still on a kitchen theme my brother bought us a pestle and mortar which we’ve been after for a while and I’ve had an addition to my collection of Letraset Promarkers.


Ban’s brother Richard lives in Chicago and he came over for a week over the Christmas period. We spent Christmas Day and evening with my family (see Games below) and Boxing Day with his Mom and Dad, brothers and two nephews Sam and Tom who had a crazy amount of presents as always. My favourite was the Harry Potter night bus. I REALLY want some Harry Potter LEGO.


Christmas wouldn’t be the same without games. On Christmas Day we played Rapidough and had a good singalong to traditional songs like Tenacious D  Tribute, haha! On Boxing Day we played Top Gear board game with our nephews and then the more grown up Cranium which is quite hard. On New Year’s Eve my little cousin Becky bought her new games Pass The Bomb and LOGO’s to play. At our friends new year party we played Dance Central. I’m more of a head banger than a dancer but it was a laugh. Just imagine me trying to dance to MC Hammer and Britney Spears. Thankfully it’s not on YouTube yet.

Oh and before I forget….Skyrim! I bought it for Ban hoping he’d like it but I’ve been sucked into it too. Awesome.


Doctor Who

A nice heartwarming episode and for a change I didn’t have to hide behind a cushion.


Pat’s dead! David Wicks came back though. Bonus.


Clever and brilliant. Best thing on TV.

Erm.. anyway that’s about it for now. I’ve written something at least.

Happy New Year everybody!

Stace x

Seven Hopes for 2011

These are my seven hopes for 2011.

1) Continue to be happy and healthy and inspire others to be the same.

2) That my already great relationships with my lovely man, family and friends continue to be so.

3) To further develop my work as Inspire Health and Mind including Drug Training, expanding EFT for recovery, and involving service users and volunteers.

4) To complete the Post A Week Challenge and blog at least once a week about whatever the hell I like.

5) Learn to sing properly with my Mom. We start on the 10th January at Solihull Music School. Very excited.

6) House and garden improvement.

7) Earn enough money to pay my bills and be comfortable as a self-employed free spirit.

There, that should do for now.

I’d be interested to hear your own hopes for 2011. You know where I am. ; )

Stace x


I’m posting (at least) every week in 2011

I’ve decided I want to blog more in 2011. I enjoy writing blogposts but I think I have become too concerned with what I should be blogging about. Should it all be drug posts related to my work or dedicated to my music and metal or telly or books or my everyday life or what?? Well the obvious conclusion I have come to is that I’m going to blog about whatever I feel like blogging about. No restrictions.

Having come across the WordPress Post A Week Challenge it’s given me the kickstart I need.

SO..  I will endeavour to post on this blog at least once a week for all of 2011. The Post A Day Challenge seemed a little bit much to take on although somewhere in between would be great.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes. If you don’t read my blog then haha you just did.

You can also follow me on Twitter @StaceInspire and @InspireHandM.


Stacey E Smith

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Happy New Year everyone.

Peace, love, empathy


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