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7 stone 6, a healthy weight?!

Since I’ve started running I have lost 1/2 stone. I’ve always been someone who when I mention eating more healthily or exercising people respond with

‘but you don’t need to’.

I’ve never been bothered about my weight or obssessive but maybe since hitting 30 and gaining a bit more bum I have been a bit more aware of keeping check on it mainly for health purposes.

With so many people experiencing difficulties and insecurities about weight I feel lucky.

Keep reading! This isn’t a smug self satisfied ‘look at me aren’t I great for being a healthy weight’ post.

At 9 stone 1 with a BMI of 22.5 I am according to the NHS website, a healthy weight.

I then stumbled on this website and I input my details on their calculator…

In answer to the question ‘Do I need to lose weight?’ the advice is very different with regards to my ‘healthy’ weight.

Losing 1 stone 9lb could apparently make me feel better!  That would make me 7 stone 6!

Anyone think that losing nearly TWO stone would make me look and feel better as they suggest?

Just another thought. I am a size 10. If I lost 1 stone 9lbs what dress size would it make me? Size 6? Size 4? Healthy???

There’s also a big discrepancy with the calculator. If I input 7st 6 as my weight it thankfully tells me that I would be underweight (similarly for all weights from 7st 6 to 8st 1).


When I input 8 stone 2 it tells me I could think about losing up to 10lbs! I think you can understand the danger here.

Eating disorder anyone?

Despite some other good resources on this site I can’t help wonder how dangerous calculators like this could be to young people and those with lower self esteem, people already battling body dysmorphia and eating disorders etc.

What are your thoughts?


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Week Three done – First fly in the eye ; )

Week three done! That’s a third of the way through. Cool!

I had my first experience of a fly in my eye on run one which was a bit annoying but I refused to stop while I tried to get rid of it. I’m finding that I’m not hurting very much although I can feel my muscles more. The main thing that I find difficult is how hot I get, I’m not necessarilly too out of breath, just very hot and then I feel very cold when I get home. I did OK adjusting to the three minutes at a time although the last three mins of run 3 were a little harder against the wind. Hope to start week four tomorrow or Sunday but feel a bit nervous about getting through 5 min runs at a time! The walks in between will be very welcome.


Couch to 5K – Week Two

Saturday 3rd March 2012 pm

Just did my first run of week 2. Man bought me some new gear to run in today so I got out there before it got dark. I am going on a different route each time so I don’t get bored and I managed to exceed my two mile goal and did 2.23 miles. Despite being tired after a late night last night and feeling a bit shoddy it weirdly felt easier than run 3 of week one. Wooo! Oh and my Uncle Steven who runs has suggested this great website to me which you may find interesting. I am hoping to do the one in Brueton Park Solihull WHEN I reach that 5K goal.

Friday 9th March 2012 pm

I did my week two runs on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. On Saturday I did a good distance and was chuffed with my new gear. Monday and Wednesday were a bit more difficult because the wind seemed to be conspiring against me although I managed my longest distance of 2.5 miles. I was very tired on Wednesday but I made myself go for a run before I settled down for the night and despite it being my shortest distance (and Endomondo posting it to my bloody Facebook) I was pleased I made myself do it. Too easy to use excuses not to. So, it’s now Friday, I am going to start week three this weekend and just hope it’s not impossible.


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